PATCHING UP is a multi-cultural, transnational project that investigates how the identity and the dignity of the African immigrant can be revealed through art, despite the destruction and transformation of their daily lives and livelihoods. Patching Up refers to a series of comprehen- sive documentary projects that address the consequences of migration. They involve interactive cross-cultural events and alternative presentations. The Patching Up collaborative project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will include field-research, workshops, dialog-meetings and an exhibition. Mekdes Shebeta, Hulu Studios and Mifta Zeleke, guramayne art center
Patching Up will culminate in “On Movement,” a group exhibition, with the theme of “Move ment.” This collaborative exhibition will include documentary film from the workshop and par- ticipant artwork in the medium of their choice. “On Movement” is open to personal interpreta- tion. For example, it could involve physical movement from one place to other, personal journal- ing, spiritual awakening, art movements, physics, shifting geography, technological advance- ments, historical changes, and more.

Abenezer Tilahun


Self Portrait Digital, 3D Animation

Migration, Transends the mere Idea of just people going from one place to another. People are just one of those entities that migrate, in fact what migrates to much better effect are Ideas and Customs, and most of this Ideas are deconstructive and out of context, foreign constructs without merit or positive consequence to a society, and so here stands a country almost devoured of its internal essence, an essence of innocence, a people Taken by this construct become shallow unintelligible things, rather than human they become nothing and no one, they become a cliché. The young including myself are affected by this phenomenon even more so than others, twisted beyond recognition I search for what is left within my honest self. Try to look at the man that dwells deep within, I am addicted to western Vices, I am attached to them like a child to its mother’s tit. I no longer feel the need to share my soul I no longer seek a soulmate, I no longer crave human connection, for I have already found my mistress deep in that filth that is the Internet.

Biruk Haile

Relief sculpture

Biruk Haile is sculpture Artist from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, His artworks are based on his passion and inspiration of the Ethiopian traditional handcraft society. His art work's theme on the contemporary art styles, relief and three dimensional sculpture by using a lot of different wastage materials.

Dawit Tsegaye

Digital, 3D video art

Public transports in Addis Ababa getting a Human physical Distortion!
The streets of Addis Ababa witness a unique sort of battle every morning and late afternoon as the citizens of the city fight for transport, Students and employer making their way to school and work push alongside those trying to get to their respective places of on the movement in everyday and night activities. Meanwhile Minibus taxi’s pack in people way beyond their capacity and the few that come out victorious in the war of elbows and knees to earn a seat barely have breathe left to complain, I used to find it very offensive when people resorted to pushing and shoving to get a taxi but I do it myself now. I have no other choice but fight for transport when my constant lateness is creating tension at my job” he said

Eden O Shoro

Eden O Shoro, Art Psychotherapist MA, HCPC, BAAT. Eden offers innovative arts based approaches to healing that inspire creativity and empowerment. Eden came to the field of art therapy by way of her humanitarian work. She believes art can be a tool for social change, recovery/ discovery and healing. As an artist Eden has exhibited her painting and photography in galleries across the USA and the UK. Her experience in the entertainment and fashion industry contributes to her dynamic skill-set. She has worked as an art director, makeup artist, stylist and producer and has performed on stage in theatrical productions. She is equally comfortable on stage as she is behind the scenes. Eden is passionate about the wellbeing of people who have been traumatized, stigmatized or socially disadvantaged and is committed to the powerful healing of Expressive Art Therapies

Frans Jacobi

Frans Jacobi is a visual artist, Lives and works in Copenhagen and Bergen. Jacobi works with performance, text and images. His performances and installations are often large scale scenarios with multiple participants addressing a range of political and societal issues. Using a kind of urgent aesthetics the temporality and presence becomes a point in itself. Jacobi, a professor in time-based media / performance at KHiB, Bergen Academy of Art & Design since 2012. He completed his PhD ‘Aesthetics of Resitance’ at Malmö Art Academy/Lunds University in 2012. In 2014 Jacobi established the artist-group SYNSMASKINEN. The group works as a platform for the artistic-research project 'SYNSMASKINEN: 7 fields of contemporary crisis' based at KHiB, Bergen Academy of Art & Design. Simultaneously SYNSMASKINEN works as a platform for various other projects.

Gitte Sætre

Gitte Sætre is a multidisciplinary artist, working with dialogue based art, performance, photography, video and sound. Her work has been shown at Bomuldsfabriken, Oslo Kunstforening; House of Foundation as the collateral programme of Kochi Biennale, India; Media Impact, Moscow; Artic Artforum, Arkhangelsk; Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta; Kongernes Lapidarium, Copenhagen; XX1 Gallery, Warsaw; Pristine Galerie, Mexico, the WhiteBox in New York, Kunsthall 3.14 in Bergen, Bergen Kunsthall and KODE.

Hulu studio

Mekdes W. Shebeta

Mekdes W. Shebeta uses her art in installation, performance and video to tell stories that investigate trauma and the complex aesthetics of poverty. Her quirky narratives are intended to highlight an overlooked reality, provoke curiosity and foster awareness. Her work gives voice to those who wake up every day on an unfinished journey. Her documentary style uses the natural voice of the immigrant in conversation, as opposed to the hard question and response of a formal interview. Her use of ramshackle dwellings provides a home-like atmosphere to offset the austerity of the gallery setting. By encouraging participation she creates an inclusive environment that fosters cross-cultural exchange. Her deliberate use of the English language, amplifies immigrants’ varied speech patterns. Broken English is the language that has replaced many mother tongues. Socially engaged art can give voice to painful stories, using a playful sensibility, to ensure that these difficult stories are not only told but that they are heard

Michelle Dassault

Michelle Dassault received her MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2003. She also holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and African Studies from Rhode Island College, which included a two-year fieldwork project in Kenya. Her drawings are a record of the bumpy experience of public transportation. Despite their topographical appearance her map-like drawings are impossible to navigate. From a seat on a Kenyan Matatu or a New Orleans Streetcar, from to camel-back to dog-sled, they simply chart subtle vibrations of movement. Recently this seismographic-drawing process has found its way into her fiction writing, as a vehicle for her protagonist to explore the world

Rita Gorge

Rita Gorge works with communities in analyzing, understanding and developing businesses. She is the Analysis and Business Development Director for Rian Services in Kenya and Four Motions in the UK

Solomon Kifle

Solomon Kifle is a multidisciplinary artist, and he graduated from Addis Ababa university the Alle school of fine art and design in industrial design, he specialises as Fashion Art Designer. Now works as a painter, photographer, and designer, Solomon says that all forms of art related each other and knowing all of them helped him in experimenting things and bringing new things to the art world. When it comes to the art, he is a curious person he wants to know everything and believes that he can learn more new things through time.

Yosef Berhanu

Yosef Berhanu is BA graduate with a distinction achievement from Addis Ababa university Alle School of Fine Arts and Design. Yosef's born to be a painter, he spends his time for fine arts in making of different conceptual paintings related to the situation that occurred among the society of humankind.Yosef's Artistic drive arose mainly from his experience and his life journey, and he focuses working on the cognitive interpretation of moments or instant incidence of moments that distract his thought and understanding and attitude about things of the surroundings.

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